California is a study in contrasts and contradictions. It’s the land of the endless summer time that may burst into flames with a stray spark from an sick maintained energy line blown over in a raging Santa Ana wind. Its sparkling ocean front boasts pristine seashores that buzz with surfers and seashore blanket bingo revelers. When the tourists are gone, however, those same beaches buzz with hundreds of flies feasting on the stinking piles of rotting kelp that the California current washes in. It’s home to sparkling Hollywood Tinseltown glitter where spoiled stars like Justin Bieber drive at freeway speeds via their plush neighborhoods, egging their neighbor’s homes, or beat up rehab clinic staffers like Lindsay Lohan.

Cherished seeing the pictures and reading the great information right here. We had been in this actual spot simply two weeks in the past and found it fascinating. An individual may easily spend days within a few blocks of the oldest home and church and nonetheless not see it all. Unfortunately our digital camera had died so we had no pictures. Thanks for together with yours!

In addition to philosophy and faith, politics has caught my consideration and will take up a few of my time. Here, you’ll discover I can be pretty opinionated but I try to mood that with humor and information. While I’ll make broad, rash, and typically outlandish statements, as seems to be the model of argument nowadays, I try to comply with them up with extra reasoned info as to why I say such a thing. I look to the comments to see if I’m successful or not.

Based on the WOW report, in 2011, forty one% of all ladies, 62% of African American girls, 65% of Hispanic girls, and eighty one% of families headed by single mothers lacked financial security incomes. Fifty-5 % of all children and approximately three-quarters of African American and Hispanic youngsters have been dwelling in families which lacked financial security incomes. Staff in dual-revenue households had the lowest rates of financial insecurity, however 10% lacked security incomes.

The unchecked surveillance that is taking place to many personal citizens all throughout the globe. We dwell in a new actuality, however the prognosis is similar. Think you’re being adopted around? Should be paranoia. Yet had the family on this article gone for help, pondering they were being spied upon, they could effectively have been identified as paranoid, when in fact their issues would have been fully warranted.