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With a wide range of online writing jobs, Contentmart has become the ultimate destination for writers and clients. The platform provides different avenues to both the buyers and the sellers and exposes them on a bigger forum. With latest freelancing projects, it imbibes the spirit of writing and encourages everyone to come, meet, interact and exchange values. The online forum caters to the interests of the service-seekers and the service-providers and ensures professionalism amidst good understanding. If you have deep interest in freelancing online, you have come to the right place.

Contentmart enables its writers to explore potential opportunities in online writing jobs by categorizing them into the following sections:

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  • Article writing: Being a writer, you can be asked to write on specified topics, as will be provided by the clients. You can either change the title of the topic or continue with what the client has stated. In any case, please ask the client and then move on. You can also be given certain keywords along with site links and asked you use those specific keywords in your content and frame a good quality and unique Article writing.
  • Blog writing: There are various Blog writing projects submitted by clients. Each client has their own specifications when it comes to blogs. Be very use about the instructions given and the subject of the blog. With the given topic, you can do extensive research and come up with wonderful words that talk about your subjects in details.

  • Web Content writing: Apart from promotional content, clients also come for web content, i.e. write-up that will appear in the web pages of the website, for example About Us, Mission & Vision, Aims & Objectives, etc. In such write-ups you need to write directly on behalf of the company for informing its audience and peer groups.
  • Editing & Proofreading: In such projects, you don’t have to develop content rather revise the already written content and make the necessary corrections. You have to go through the entire content with patience and make minute changes, if required. Often, you might be asked to rewrite the content in your own words, without changing the meaning.
  • Creative Writing: In such kind of projects, you creative skills and the art of playing with words come to light. You need to have creative blend of mind and play with words, however keeping the intended meaning unchanged.
  • Technical Writing: Finally, technical projects are those which have a purpose of informing its targeted audience with specialized knowledge and in-depth information. These are more niche areas and demand expert understanding about the subject and extensive research while writing.