Home Redesigns That Pay Off

Home redesign projects can cost a great deal of money. But if you’re smart about the project you choose, it can end up paying for itself-sometimes several times over-. Here are a few redesign projects that tend to add value to a home.

Remodel the kitchen. Luxury touches such as granite countertops, sub-zero fridges, built-in appliances, and other perks can add value to your home.

Redesign the bathroom. If you add a Jacuzzi tub, two-person luxury shower, new skylights, and other high-end VANITY, you will add a lot of value to your home. But small bathroom renovations-like a new coat of paint or new bathroom fixtures-can add value as well.

Adding bathrooms. Buyers with families tend to appreciate extra bathrooms, and a master bathroom attached to the main bedroom can also add value. However, if you’re already pressed for space, adding a bathroom may make your home cramped.

Adding rooms. Adding a bedroom will often make your home worth more money. Be sure that adding a room does not make your floor plan significantly more cramped, however-this can damage your home’s value.

Landscape your garden. Trees, attractive flower beds and other features all add value and appeal to a home.

Improve your flooring. Wood flooring or new carpets can add a great deal of appeal in almost every area of the house.

Light and space. If your home has a lot of small rooms with little light, consider knocking down some walls and opening up your floor plan.

In a tough real estate market, it can be difficult to recoup an investment in your home. But some redesign projects are more likely to increase your home’s value than others. If you’re planning a redesign, choose one that will pay off.